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A Taste for Crime

Book #8 in the Hope Street Mystery series released in April. Have you had an opportunity to check it out the latest fun installment of the Sunshine Bible study?

Here's a snippet.

Chapter One

“I still can’t believe you got tickets to Chef Anton Parsley’s show,” Cooper Lee said. “And for the entire Bible study.”

She and Jon Eason, her sort-of beau, strolled across the downtown Richmond, Virginia, parking lot toward the local television studios of RICH 17 TV. The May sun warmed them as they maneuvered around vehicles toward the sidewalk.

“Chef Parsley is a friend of my parents and a mentor to me. I washed dishes in his kitchen when I was in high school and moved up to kitchen porter in college.”

“What’s a porter?”

“A kitchen assistant. I washed fruits and vegetables. Peeled the veggies. Cleaned the prep area.” He smiled as if remembering. “That job helped pay for college and cooking school.”

Cooper nodded. “So, you and Chef Parsley are close?”

“Uh-huh. He’s Uncle Anton to me.”

“Uncle Anton?” Cooper smiled at the words.

“Yep. He wasn’t a famous chef back when I was training. Once he opened the restaurant, his visibility began to skyrocket. Then he got the cooking show, and the rest is history.”

“Interesting. I had no idea.”

“Now you know.”  Jon smiled and took her hand. “I’m glad you were able to take the day off.”

Warmth flooded her at his comment. “Me too.”

“Who’s watching Bits & Pieces?”

“One of the perks of taking over a gift shop from your aunt is that she’s willing to run the place if I need a day off in the middle of the week.”

“True. But this is your first vacation day since you started training to manage the shop at the first of the year. Weren’t you going to hire someone to help you?”

“On my to-do list.” Though admittedly, Cooper had put that particular task at the bottom. She barely had a handle on the nuances of her new career and its responsibilities. Was she ready to hire and train someone? Was she even qualified?

“Good, because I hope to spend more time with you. Not less.”

The words had Cooper’s heart dancing with happiness. They’d been seeing each other since last October, and lately she’d begun to sense that maybe this was the relationship she’d waited a lifetime for.

You can pick up your own copy here:

The audiobook releases in June!


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