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Tina Trivia

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me...or did you?

1. I was in the Army as a Morse Code Intercept Operator. This is me at boot camp at Fort McClellan, Alabama.

2. I was in the very first co-ed Army barracks. F-Troop at Fort Devens, Massachusetts.

3. My past careers include Certified Oncology RN. I worked at the City of Faith Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I was Director of Nurses at Oral Roberts University Village Retirement Village, also in Tulsa.

4. I've traveled to Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, and Canada.

5. I've lived in New York, Germany, Oklahoma, Colorado and Arizona.

6. I worked in the Technical Services Department of Bemis Public Library, in Littleton, Colorado as a copy cataloger for five years.

7. My very first romance read was found in the stacks. It was the Beanie Malone series by Lenore Mattingly Weber written before I was born.

8. I drink as much tea as I do coffee.

9. I have a secret addiction to What Not to Wear.

10. The words north, south, east and west have no meaning for me. ( If you tell me you live at the intersection of the 101 and whatever street, you may as well have said you live on the Moon. However, I will nod and smile and pretend I just mapped it out in my head.)


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