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So Many Acronyms, So Little Time

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

I think it's fair to assume that writer's don't get credit for half our brilliance. I'm pretty sure we invented the acronym. It was only natural for guys like Al Einstein to borrow the technique.

After all, genius recognizes genius.

Acronyms are the foundation for text messages, which of course launched Twitter as we know it.

So pat yourself on the back and if you're ready for an acronym refresher, you're in luck.

WIP = Work in progress

POV = Point of view

2S2L = Too stupid too live (as in the heroine who is...)

ARC =Advanced reading copy

MS or MSC = manuscript

HEA = Happily ever after

H/H = Hero/Heroine

GMC = Goal. Motivation. Conflict.

GH = Golden Heart Award

CRIT = Critique

TBR = To be read

BICHOK = Butt in chair, hands on keyboard

TAG = Title. Author. Genre

AFK = Away from keyboard

WF = Women's Fiction

ST = Single Title

SC = Short Contemporary

LC = Long Contemporary

SH = Short historical

LH = Long historical

YA = Young adult

MG = Middle grade

SF = Science Fiction

SF/F = Science Fiction and Fantasy

SF/F/P = Science Fiction and Fantasy and Paranormal

ACFW = American Christian Fiction Writers

RWA = Romance Writers of America

ICRS = International Christian Retailer Show

BEA = Book Expo America

CBA = Christian Bookseller's Association

ABA = American Bookseller's Association

PASIC = Published Author Special Interest Chapter

NINC = Novelists, Inc.

PAN = Published Authors Network

PW = Publisher's Weekly

NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month

BIAW = Book in a Week

There are also the funny and tasteless acronyms:

WWJAD = What would Jane Austin do?

PUYBGP = Pull up your big girl panties

WIDSAC = When in doubt, shoot a character

WWFC = Will write for chocolate

And just in case you need help creating an acronym...


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