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8 Things to Do Post-Conference

1. Allow Time to Decompress

It's normal to go home with a smile on your face and a buzz in your head. You can expect to have conference brain for several days as you process the information and sensory overload.

2. Thank the Presenters

Be sure to send an email to the conference coordinators and those presenters who really wowed you. Give them feedback!

3. Gather Up Those Business Cards

Locate those business cards and touch base with people you met at conference. Keep connected with new friends and follow-up on networking opportunities.

4. Transcribe Your Notes

Don't let those scribbled notes become part of your office archives. Transcribe and utilize those great classes. Can't read your notes? The RWA workshops are now available for download. Click here.

5. Evaluate

Did you accomplish what you set out to do? What was your ROI (return on investment) for this conference?

6. Hit That To Do List

Time to get those requested materials out the door to editors and agents. Inspired by a publisher or agent you met at conference, or their workshop? Get that query out the door while you are on that conference high note.

7. The Tax Man

Gather all your tax deductible receipts and set aside before they get lost. Be sure you have your transportation, accommodation and meal receipts along with any extra educational receipts.

8. Go Slowly

Be kind to yourself. You've been out of the loop for days. Give yourself grace as you catch up. Take naps to adjust to the change in altitude and time zone changes.

I had a wonderful conference in Denver, Colorado and hope you did too. See you at #ACFW18 Nashville and #NJ2018 for Put Your Heart in a Book.


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