Glendale Arizona Writer in Residence Program in on hiatus until public health safety concerns are resolved. In the meantime, if you missed any of the programs offered so far, you can sign up for FREE 60 minute Zoom webinar online classes to be held on the following dates. This offer is open to anyone who has an internet connection or a smartphone. 

 Saturday, April 11, 1 pm EST -The Art of the Short Story

Have you ever tried your hand at the short story? Deceptive in its length, the short story is very challenging. This workshop will cover aspects of this art form that is more popular than ever, including types of short stories and length; the short story plot; short story techniques; submission tips, tricks, and terms; and markets. 


Saturday, April 18, 1 pm EST -All About Romance

According to Romance Writers of America, romantic fiction is a billion-dollar industry and the romance novel’s share of the U.S. fiction market is 34%. Are you ready to try your hand at this diverse genre? This workshop explores the components of the romance novel and how to get started. We will cover several topics, including what makes a novel a romance; types of romance; writing the romance, and submitting your work.

Saturday, April 25, 1 pm EST -So You Want to be a Writer-Indie & Traditional Publishing

Is there a novel or a nonfiction book locked inside of you? This workshop explores how to get those ideas down on paper and what happens after you write THE END. It’s time to start on your writing journey. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of the indie journey versus traditional publishing. 

Email me at to sign up.